Central and with sea view –

our holiday apartments’ location and surroundings

Your holiday home is located directly at Sonwik’s waterfront promenade. Sonwik is a part of Flensburg that used to be home to a naval base until a couple of years ago. The site has been carefully restored according to preservation orders since. Today, the 4-star Marina is the heart of the new residential and water sports area. Especially during the summer, Sonwik is full of sailboats and yachts.

The Sonwik concept is completed by two L-shaped towers called “Lee & Luv”. These architecturally outstanding buildings as well as the naval historical monuments at Fördepromenade are home to our well-equipped, high-quality design apartments.

A unique view across the sea and to Denmark

Relaxing in one of the promenade’s beach chairs during summer, you can let your eye wander over the water and see Denmark’s coast from here. At the same time it is possible to walk – always close to the waterfront – right into Flensburg’s town center.

A yummy time-out: Restaurants and cafés within walking distance

Of course, Sonwik offers you several restaurants as well, some of them specialized in Mediterranean cuisine. There are shopping facilities waiting for you, too – and all of them can be reached easily by foot, by bike or by car.

More about Sonwik

Find further information about Flensburg’s yacht service and about the snug little town itself: